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MCP Engineering Plastics Limited are PTFE Film suppliers and PTFE Film manufacturers. Our PTFE film products are available in virgin PTFE skived, extruded, and cast formats, with the widest range of metric and imperial sizes.

PTFE Film is a high performance, synthetic fluoropolymer. Characteristics include very high strength, self-lubrication properties at low temperatures, together with durability and toughness, also at low temperatures.

Our PTFE Film properties include:

  • Slick surface for general purpose, non-stick applications
  • Silicone adhesive provides clean removal from a variety of surfaces
  • Wide temperature range for performance on heated machinery and equipment
  • Skived PTFE Film Tapes are more conformable than typical extruded PTFE film tapes

PTFE film is applied as a semi-permeable membrane, and typically used in oxygen sensors & similar devices in bio-medical and other instrumentation.

Extruded PTFE films resist curling during unwind and provide an exceptionally smooth surface when applied. Extruded PTFE film tapes lie flatter than typical skived PTFE film tapes.

Skived PTFE Film is available in a wide range continuous rolls or cut to your desired length. We offer standard or custom widths to reduce wastage and scrap.

PTFE cast film is a single layer multi-laminar film, manufactured using the cast method. This unique process has several high-performance features, not inherent in PTFE skived tapes or PTFE extruded films. It is uniform in material structure, exhibits outstanding chemical, physical & electrical properties and is tightly controlled in its thickness (+/-10%).

MCP Engineering Plastics Limited, based on between Hertfordshire and Essex, UK are a PTFE Film supplier to a range of industries and manufacturers, with in-house cutting and tooling capabilities. We have tooling available to laminate, punch, or die-cut. We also offer a wide range of high-performance PTFE tapes.

For further technical information on our range of PTFE Film materials, please view our Materials pages page and Technical Data Sheets pages.

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