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MCP Engineering Plastics Limited are Black PTFE suppliers and Black PTFE manufacturers.

Black PTFE is 25% carbon-filled and has better creep and wear resistance compared to standard grades of PTFE.

Black PTFE properties are improved with the addition of a carbon filler, providing improved mechanical strength, dimensional stability, raises the heat deflection temperature and the dynamic bearing performance.

This grade provides approximately 3½ times higher thermal conductivity than non-reinforced PTFE and will dissipate heat from the bearing surface much faster.

Carbon on its own is a brittle material with poor wear properties and low mechanical strength. However, when combined with PTFE, the material develops excellent mechanical and stronger wear properties, it retains the frictional properties of PTFE and so provides a higher-grade alternative for seals and rings, in dynamic and high-pressure applications.

Typical applications for Black PTFE include valve seats, gaskets, washers, shaft bearings, filter housings, shaft seals, slide runners, chemical tank linings, pump and instrument components and electrical insulation parts.

Key Features of Black PTFE include

  • Operating Temperatures ranging from -200°C up to +260°C
  • Excellent chemical resistance against virtually all media
  • Partially electrically conductive and anti-static
  • Improved dimensional stability and creep resistance over standard grades of PTFE
  • Improved dynamic bearing performance
  • Good sliding properties
  • Black PTFE also provides good thermal conductivity, low permeability and is also electrically conductive making it a good choice for anti-static applications

MCP Engineering Plastics Limited, based on the Hertfordshire and Essex County border, are an established and experienced Black PTFE supplier and manufacturer to a range of industries throughout the UK. We have a wide range of filled materials, in all sizes, ready for despatch, ex-stock.

For further technical information on our range of Black PTFE specifications, please view our Materials pages page and Technical Data Sheets pages.

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