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MCP Engineering Plastics Limited are Glass Filled PTFE suppliers and manufacturers.

Glass filled PTFE sheet provides enhanced resistance to creep and wear in comparison to Virgin PTFE.

It is manufactured with a 25% glass fibre filler that improves the dimensional stability of the polymer and helps to slightly reduce deformation under load.

25% Glass filled PTFE is used to improve the creep resistance of PTFE over all temperature ranges, while still allowing some compression required for sealing in both gaskets and valves. There are improved wear and electrical properties, as glass fibre is an insulator. 25% glass filled PTFE has an exceptional resistance to water. Still giving excellent chemical stability, PTFE +25% Glass Fibre has better thermal conductivity and coefficient of friction when combined with MoS2 or graphite filled PTFE.

Glass filled PTFE is primarily used in applications where increased resistance to attrition and enhanced material strength is required. It is primarily manufactured into valve seats, gaskets, pump housings, filter housings, shaft seals, slide runners, pump and instrument components, electrical insulators, gaskets, seals, washers and shaft bearings that work at low pressure/velocity values.

MCP Engineering Plastics Limited also provides in-house CNC machining and tooling capabilities to your requirements. We provide precision grinding and cutting to custom made shapes and colours, with full quality product certification.

Key Features of Glass Filled PTFE:

  • Optimal Temperature: -260°C up to +260°C
  • Extremely good chemical resistance against virtually all media
  • Improved dimensional stability and resistance to compared to standard PTFE
  • Outstanding resistance to low and high temperatures
  • Very good electrical insulation properties
  • Provides very low moisture absorption

MCP Engineering Plastics Limited, based on the Hertfordshire and Essex county border, are an established and experienced Glass Filled PTFE supplier and manufacturer, to a range of industries throughout the UK.

For further technical information on our range of Glass Filled PTFE specifications, please view our Materials pages page and Technical Data Sheets pages

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