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MCP Engineering Plastics Limited are an etched PTFE supplier, suitable for tank lining and chemical applications and are available in the widest range of metric and imperial sizes.

Our Etched PTFE Sheets and Tapes are widely used for tank and vessels protection and offer superior benefits in terms of durability, chemical protection, anti-corrosion barriers, thus ensuring functionality, reliability and long-lasting performance.

The etching process with sodium-ammonia makes PTFE sheets and tape bondable to themselves or to metals. The etching process extract fluorine atoms at the surface creating a carbonaceous layer which can be bonded with the appropriate adhesives.

Key properties for Etched PTFE:

  • Excellent resistance to continuous service temperatures starting from -100°C (212°F) up to 200°C (392°F) and, for limited periods, even to higher temperatures; the low temperature resistance of the product enables satisfactory performance at temperatures as low as –190°C (-310°F)
  • Etched PTFE possesses a high inertness towards nearly all known chemicals
    • Only alkali metals, chlorine trifluoride and elemental fluorine at high temperature and pressures can affect PTFE properties
  • PTFE is insoluble in all solvents up to temperatures as high as 300°C (572°F).
    • Certain highly fluorinated oils swell and dissolve PTFE, but only at temperatures close to the crystalline melting point

MCP Engineering Plastics Limited, based on between Hertfordshire and Essex, UK are a etched PTFE sheet and tape suppliers to a range of industries and manufacturers, we have in-house manufacturing capability to machine the polymer into your bespoke requirements, from either your own drawings or your existing samples. We commonly cut etched PTFE sheets into gaskets, slide plates, chemical linings, scrapers and guides.

Our manufacturing capabilities and skills include:

  • Skills to match the narrowest requirements of purity and reduced contamination consistently along the entire tape length, for example:
    • complete absence of pin-holes
    • excluding contamination larger than 0.1 mm2
    • no scratches and no cracks
  • Strict tolerances on width and thicknesses
  • Full product quality certifications
  • Flexible and easy to bond

MCP Engineering Plastics Limited are an etched PTFE manufacturer with in-house cutting and tooling capabilities. We have tooling available to laminate, punch and die-cut etched PTFE sheet and tape, available from stock. All our PTFE sheets and tape can be furnished with one or both surfaces etched for adhesive bonding.

For further technical information on our range of etched PTFE materials, please view our Materials pages page and Technical Data Sheets pages, OR get in touch via our Contact Us page.

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