Inspection Facilities

Along with the growth of our machining capabilities we have invested in sophisticated inspection equipment to ensure we are producing finished machined parts to tighter customer specifications. All our equipment is calibrated yearly and we also have a temperature controlled to 22⁰C – 24⁰C, in which we conduct our final inspections of parts. Our workshop is also kept over 20⁰C to reduce the variation in size due to shock temperature changes between the shop floor and our inspection facilities.

We use high end digital callipers and micrometers, as well as a Multi-function CNC Height gauge, Profile projector and CMM. Our equipment and methods are based around removing the “human error” element from any part we produce, which is critical for smaller plastic parts which are susceptible to high human error margins.

Along with our Sub-contracting capacity for our clean room we are also able to take on sub-contract work for inspecting machined parts and can produce clear and coherent visual reports of all our inspection work. For more information on this please contact us.

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