Engineering Plastics Milling

MCP Started its machining work with Milling machines, and we have continued to invest and grow this vital sector to our machine shop. As such we are able to produce complex parts in large batch sizes or simple prototype runs. Our plant consists of,

Two CNC Routers with a 140mm x 2020mm x 3030mm Machining area, capable of profiling 2.5D shapes and contours.

Two CNC Routers with a 140mm x 1500mm x 2200mm Machining area, also capable of profiling 2.5D shapes and contours

And a 4 Axis. Vertical Milling Centre with up to a 550mm x 510mm x 1100mm machining area. Our VMC is run with the latest CAM software allowing us to directly import customer models allowing us to reduce customer costs.

Both our routers and VMC are able to hold tight tolerances over their whole machining range. And our large capacity means we are able to offer very competitive prices and lead times.

“Preferred choice for plastics”

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