Clean Room Facilities

At MCP Engineering Plastics Limited we have invested in developing our cleaning capabilities to service many different market sectors. Our in house produced parts can be cleaned in our ISO Class 6 Clean Room.

ISO Class 6 Clean Room Info

  • Federal Standard 209E Equivalent: Class 1000
  • Air changes per hour – 150-240 (class 6 requirements)
  • High Quality HEPA Filters are 99.997% efficient at 0.3 microns to ensure clean environment.
  • Separate room for changing to allow fewer particles to enter.
  • Clean room is calibrated yearly to ensure best performance and results.


The equipment in this environment is designed to clean parts and small items for oxygen service quickly and effectively.

Our equipment includes…

  • Ultrawave Cleaning Machine – QI-400
  • Combines the highest quality design with advanced frequency leap technology for excellent ultrasonic cleaning performance. The QI-400 is a 30L heated ultrasonic clean, built with 2mm thick industrial stainless steel. Incorporating a digital control panel for easy and accurate processing.
  • Size capable of cleaning – 455 x 250 x 140mm.
  • Operating frequency – 30-40 kHz
  • Ultrasonic Power – 400W


Ultrawave’s ultrasonic cleaning technology is highly effective, removing contaminants from surface areas inaccessible to spray washing or manual cleaning.

Using water based detergents, the ultrawaves ultrasonic equipment effectively removes oil, swarf and other contaminants from machine parts, tooling, jigs, tubes and many others. This maximises throughput, increasing productivity and eliminating needs for re-cleans, which makes it one of the most effective and environmentally friendly ways for cleaning these parts and components.

At MCP Engineering Plastics Limited we can also offer sub-contracting work for our clean room to clean parts produced outside of MCP Engineering’s machine shop. Due to the sometimes fragile elements of machined components or materials we know how to handle these products ensuring that any items we take on to clean will be treated well and cleaned professionally to our ISO 6 standard.

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