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Nylon 6.6 / PA 6.6 / Polyamide 6.6

Commonly Known: Nylon 6.6

Colour: Offwhite, Black

Available In: Rod, Sheet


  • Commonly extruded
  • Versatile
  • Good wear resistance
  • Low friction properties
  • Good impact strength
  • Good mechanical properties
  • Better chemical resistance than Cast Nylon 6
  • Available with a variety of fillers to improve some properties

Nylon 66 is commonly referred to as just “Nylon”. The first engineering plastic to be widely used in various industry sectors due to its versatility. Other Extruded nylon types include Nylon 6 and Nylon 12 which offer differing properties due to their different molecular structures. Nylon 66 is available with both glass fibre and carbon fibre reinforcement.
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