fluteck C 100 / fluteck PCTFE / Polychlorotrifluoroethylene

Commonly Known: PCTFE

Colour: Opaque White

Available In: Rod, Sheet, Tube

fluteck™C100 PCTFE is a fluorinated polymer preferred for parts and components requiring very good mechanical properties. fluteck™C100 offers an excellent combination of properties typical of partially fluorinated fluoropolymer:

Service Temperature: fluteck™C100 offers very good resistance to continuous service temperatures-working conditions from -240°C (-400°F) up to 150°C (302°F).

Chemical resistance: fluteck™C100 resists attack by most industrial chemicals. The exceptions include alkali metal complexes and organic amines. Chlorine gas, nitrogen tetraoxide, and a number of halogenated solvents are absorbed by fluteck™C100. Most silicones could induce stress cracking.

    • Excellent Mechanical Properties
    • Very good Creep Resistance
    • High Performance in Cryogenic Applications
    • Excellent Electrical Insulating Properties
    • Low Friction Behaviour
    • High Hardness
    • Near Zero Moisture Absorption
    • Extremely Low Permeability
    • Excellent Barrier Properties
    • Flame Retardent
    • Excellent Chemical Resistance
    • Good Transparency

The fluteck C 100 range of products suits many applications that would otherwise be unsuitable for other Fluoropolymers. fluteck C 100 PCTFE maintains its mechanical properties over a wider thermal range and is a good choice for applications where the need for a low moisture absorption is required. Industries for this product would include Pharmaceutical and Cryogenic applications.

At MCP we are specialist suppliers of the fluteck C 100 PCTFE plastic. We have a range of sizes available and can offer competitive delivery times. The details of our fluteck C 100 Range and properties can be found on our Data Sheets of by Contacting Us.

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