Rods & Tubes

Plastic Rods and Tubes

At MCP Engineering Plastics we offer a large range of extruded and moulded rod and tube sizes.

Extruded Rods

  • 4mm diameter up to 120mm diameter available in 2 metre lengths.
  • 130mm diameter up to 200mm diameter available in 1 metre lengths.
  • Precision ground rods available to tight tolerances.
  • Some PTFE Rod sizes available in 3 metre lengths.
  • Can also offer other materials such as Polyethylene, Polypropylene and other high quality engineering plastics.

Extruded Tubes

  • Vast range of OD and ID measurements, starting at 10mm OD x 4mm ID.
  • Can offer on tubes up to 120mm OD x 100mm ID.
  • All extruded tubes can be offered in up to 2 metre lengths.
  • Thin wall tubing available with smaller OD’s and ID’s and much longer coil lengths.

Moulded Rods

  • Sizes from 50mm diameter to 400mm diameter available in 300mm lengths.
  • Sizes from 400mm diameter to 775mm diameter available in 80mm lengths.
  • Fast delivery times on all custom moulded rods.

Moulded Tubes

  • Large range of OD’s and ID’s. Most being 300mm long billets.
  • Can produce tubes up to 2000mm diameter and 150mm long.
  • Can produce tubes to custom sizes with fast delivery times.

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