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Self-Healing Plastics – Coming Soon?

12 NOVEMBER 2014

Have you been unfortunate enough to break your phone screen? This is a common, frustrating (and often expensive) occurrence for many modern mobile phone users. Wouldn’t it be useful if it miraculously mended itself? Well this could be a possibility in the not too distant future.

A plastic material has been designed by engineers at the University of Illinois that automatically “heals itself”, just like human skin. Similar to the way the human blood clotting system works, these polymers have the ability to automatically patch holes 3cm wide.

This is a massive breakthrough for the plastics industry and could see the likes of cracked water pipes, laptop chips and car bonnet cracks to fix themselves without intervention. Although it has been said that there is still more work to be done, this technology is showing great potential and these recuperative plastics are able to recover over 60% of their original strength, whilst repairing damages up to 100 times larger than before.

These developments show mass potential and scope in the future for those who manufacture plastics.  Plastic products having the ability to mend themselves after a number of occurrences, even after serious damage from small arms or even bombs, restoring them to most of their original structure and strength, is a promising technological advancement for the world of plastics.

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